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Hi i'm 33 Male. i suffer from general anxiety, stress, and panic attacks for at least 11 years. my vitamin d usually was around 13-20 all adult life. but last year i'm around 32. and not feel any different. i wanted to ask. is it possible that enough vitamin d will cure my anxiety? like if i go beyond 50ng/ml. also, wanted to know, how much dose daily for how long should i supplament to reach from 32 to 50+. Thank you in advance,

Asked by  trust.r102195100 on June 18, 2017

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    See title

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    The only way to find out if any or all of your symptoms will get better is to try. Here at the VDC we believe in maintaining a healthy minimum level of 50ng/ml. Research does show that at levels of 40ng/ml and below, your chances for cancer and autoimmune disease rises “dramatically”. (So if for no other reason, those two reasons are enough to keep your levels higher!)
    You need to read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. It is very important. Take the section on magnesium very seriously because that alone might help your symptoms tremendously. (Do not get magnesium oxide, any other kind will do.) I would suggest a minimum of 500mg a day. Some people need even more than that, so keep that in mind. The Vitamin D uses A LOT of magnesium.So if you are low to begin with taking the Vitamin D might make most of “your” particular symptoms even worse. (You may even want to take some magnesium supplements for several days before starting the Vitamin D.) The worse case scenario is, too much magnesium will cause loose bowels and then you need to cut back on how much you are taking.
    I would start with 5000 iu of Vitamin D a day. IF you weigh a lot more than 150lbs let me know. I would give that 8 weeks and then see how you feel and if anything has changed. If you add any “new” symptoms come back and tell me. If your old symptoms get worse even taking supplemental magnesium, come back and tell me. Vitamin D can make other minerals and vitamins go low also.
    I do not know where you live (latitude) and at what time of year that 32 level was taken. Meaning if it was taken in the spring/summer that may have had some “sunshine” in the reading and during the winter your level is much lower. So the point is you may not notice any health improvement until your levels are at least 50ng/ml or higher.
    So do the 5000iu for 8 weeks. If at the end of that all your symptoms have gone, then stick with that amount. If you feel you have made some progress but still are not there, then you may want to increase the amount you take. (You can always come back for more advice.) If you do not think it has helped at all then you may want to consider experimenting and raising that to 10,000 iu a day. If after 8 more weeks still no improvement, then maybe Vitamin D is not the answer. The 10,000iu a day is the “official”, safe upper limit. Do some of us take even more than that, yes!
    Has anyone ever checked your B12 levels?
    We do appreciate hearing “success” stories. Sometimes I remember to tell people to come back and let us know what happened. If you have “success”, please come back and tell me if possible.

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    Thank you very much for your detailed answer!
    so i can’t get beyond 80 ng/ml with 5000ui per day?

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    Even if you were to weigh a lot less than 150lbs, I sincerely do not think you would go that high (80) on just 5000iu a day but not everyone is the same.
    Not sure why you picked 80ng/ml as the number not to go beyond. So just be aware at the higher amounts I mentioned above, then that might push your level higher than 80ng/ml. What I have tried to explain, to some people, is for example if you took 10,000 iu and it cured all your symptoms but your actual level was then 120ng/ml, would you then take a lesser amount so you could stay below 100ng/ml but then have some symptoms? Or would you take the 10,000iu feel well and ignore the level?

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