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Hi, i read once weekly dosing is ok, but thats 35000iu once weekly yet daily max limit is 10000iu, is it cause its once a week you can go over 10000iu. Also will 35000iu interfere with any other supplements taken at the same time of day as it, as i read ' But if you’re taking a high dose of vitamin D due to very low levels (such as 5-10,000 IUs or more) take your dose of A in the morning and D in the evening (or the other way around) as vitamin D can reduce the absorption of vitamin A. '

Asked by  jon on March 5, 2015

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    See title

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    I think you are trying to ask if it is OK to take 35,000iu once a week instead of 5000iu a day. We prefer you take it on a daily basis but it is OK to take it the other way, meaning once a week of the larger amount. You are correct in thinking the higher amount you take, like 10,000iu is better to take on a daily basis. The other answer is that “no” there is no interference between any of the other vitamins including “A” so take it when you want. The most important thing is to take it!

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