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Hi, I am Lymphoma(NHL) patient in remission last six months back I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency and doctor prescribed vitamin D tablest 600IU(2times) and personally I took 2000IU(2times). Now I reached 60ng blood level which is more sufficient. My question is when I take Vitamin D 2000IU I feel confident and low anxiety on that day, but already vitamin D levels are more in my body, why it is happening? If I take supplements still is there any chances to toxicity? Thanks in Advance.

Asked by  sekhar368 on December 31, 2014

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    First of all it was good that you took the 2000 iu “two times” for a total of 4000 iu. Here at the Vitamin D Council we recommend 5000 iu a day for an adult. The 4000 iu a day got you to the blood level of 60 ng/ml. Again the Vitamin D Council recommends a level of 50ng/ml or above. So this is great! But if you are now only taking 2000 iu once a day then your blood levels will fall. You should take the 4000 iu a day.
    It sounds like your health has improved. You are more confident and have less anxiety. By taking the 4000 iu a day with a level of 60ng/ml you have a good supply of Vitamin D from which your body can now operate efficiently.
    There is no chance of toxicity taking 4000 iu a day! (It is safe to take 10,000 iu a day.)

    Answered by  IAW on

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