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Hi, I am 24 weeks pregnant and took Vitamin D at 2400 IU each day instead of 4000 IU per day. Will this effect baby's development ? I was so anxious last few days on this .Could you please advise. I am at vit D deficiency in my last blood draw in sept 2016. However I started taking 4000 IU per day for last 3 weeks now. Thanks, Praveena.

Asked by  praveena on January 3, 2017

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    See title

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    Here is the best thing to read at https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/vitamin-d-during-pregnancy-and-breastfeeding/. The VDC recommends 4000-6000iu a day for a pregnant woman with an upper limit of 10,000iu a day.
    Since you know you are already deficient, I would take at least 6000iu a day, if not more.
    At least you were taking some Vitamin D all along and did increase it to 4000iu.
    Try not to worry!

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