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Hi , this is a very good resource and thank you for this forum I recently had my blood test and the result showed that i am Vitamin D deficient (

Asked by  Becky2015 on March 26, 2015

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    See title

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    Becky looks like you got cut off so you will have to repost.

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    Dear Vitamin D council

    Please could you advise me on the below. I had my blood test done recently and the result confirmed that I have low vitamin D levels , infact deficient (<8nmol/L) . I live in UK and must admit I haven’t been in the sunshine too much over the last years except when I go on holiday. I am also afro african origin and this further adds to the reason why my skin hasn’t been able to absorb enough sun . I am petite in size and not overweight (i.e 53-54 kg / 5ft2 , BMI 19.2). I have also recently been diagnosed with PCOS as i am trying for a baby. My GP has not addressed the latter but instead put me on a vit D 40,000iu 3 times a week . My questions are as follow :

    i. is the prescribed dosage enough to get my D levels to normal or can i supplement this with my own over the counter vit D medication. I read the daily upper limit is 10K iu and i am already on about 17K iu per day

    ii. Is there anything I can take to treat my PCOS at this stage , (as I said my doctor has not addressed this) or should I wait for my Vit D levels to return to normal . I read there is a link between low VitD and PCOS prevalence

    iii. for self improvement , I am going back to swimming twice a week and also reducing my carbs intake , but I am petite in size and I have been worried about my weight in the past and do not want it to drop below 52kg – but in the meantime is there any other lifestyle changes I can adopt to improve my PCOS, increase my fertility and increase my Vit D levels
    iv. Any one with experience of PCOS and Vit D – How effective is improved Vit D in managing PCOS?

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Many thanks

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    Just to double check I assume the doctor prescribed Vitamin D3 and NOT D2? It is wise to ask what Vitamin D level they are trying to reach and maintain. If they say an amount lower than 125 nmol/l ,that is not good. If they say anything from the 125-250nmol/l range, that will be great. Please read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. It is very important! I would stick to the amount they told you to take for now. If you have PCOS you may need to keep your Vitamin D levels in the upper part of the range but really no one knows. (You will probably need a maintenance dosage of 4-5000iu or more.)

    I think the doctor may not have addressed the PCOS because he/she feels the Vitamin D deficiency may be causing it and/or they want to see once your D levels are good then what issues are you left with. (Vitamin D deficiency does cause infertility and be implicated with PCOS.)

    I believe you are the first person to inquire about Vitamin D and PCOS here on the Q and A forum and I do not remember anyone from the blog. So I have no feedback to give you. If you would be so kind though, it would be great if you could respond back and let us know how you are doing and what your status is? Remind us of your beginning Vitamin D level, how much you took and for how long each amount was taken? Present levels and how your PCOS is doing? That way we can help others in the future.

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