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Hi there! I'm writing from São Paulo, Brazil. I started supplementing vitamin D3 back in July 1st, 2015. From very early on I started alternating between 7,000 IU and 10,000 IU per day. I had my blood level checked on October 1st, 2015 and it was 52.4 ng/mL. From then on, I started taking mostly 10,000 IU after the main meal in the evenings and, on April 27th, 2016, I had my blood level checked again and it had risen to 64.2 ng/mL. I was pleased that I had succeeded in boosting my 25(OH) vitamin D blood level. I have recently had a blood test (December 10th, 2016) and, to my surprise, it has gone up to 86.8 ng/mL! I am a little concerned about it because, although the normal range is 30 ng/mL to 100 ng/mL (according to the laboratory) and there are no known cases of toxicity up to 150 ng/mL, the increase rate between tests has doubled over a similar period of time. The bottom line is I do not know whether or not my blood level has plateaued and it will not rise even if I carry on taking 10,000 IU per day. What if it has not plateaued yet and it will keep rising if I carry on taking 10,000 IU per day? It might easily rise above 100 ng/mL and that is really worrying. How should I go about supplementing vitamin D from now on?

Asked by  jbof196232900000 on December 13, 2016

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    See title

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    Some things can only be a “guess”.
    Maybe there is some “sunshine” in your latest measurement of 86ng/ml? Although you can make Vitamin D all year long in Brazil, it does take less time during the months from March thru October, then from November thru February. Sunshine will add to the levels.
    If your starting level was really low (and you may not have known what it was before supplementing), then you might have had a lot of “repair work” to do and your body used up more in the beginning and does not need as much now.
    If you have had any weight loss, that could be a factor also.
    A rough estimate is for every 1000iu, your levels will raise about 10ng/ml.
    So you could go back to “alternating” and take 8000iu one day and 10,000iu the next. If you can get adequate sunshine sometimes, than you could “skip” a day of supplements. If you can fairly regular sunshine but maybe not enough, then you should take less supplements.

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      Thanks for your prompt reply.
      There can certainly be some “sunshine” in my latest measurement, But I highly doubt it as I hardly ever spend time under the sun.
      As for the months in which making Vitamin D3 in skin is the easiest in Brazil, I would have thought of the period from December to February, Brazil’s summertime.
      Unfortunately,my starting level was not checked. My bad. It must have been really low though as I tend to avoid being in the sun.
      Your theory about the massive amount of repair work done in the beginning makes sense, and it is true that I have lost weight since I started supplementing Vitamin D3.
      I will definitely alternate between 8,000 IU (although I still do not know how I will manage to do so as the softgels or tablets do not come in that dosage) and 10,000 IU.
      Regular blood level testing seems to be the wisest way to go if I want to keep track of my personal optimal Vitamin D3 intake level from now on.
      Thanks again.

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    At http://www.vitamindday.net towards the bottom are “infographics”. One of them is the “sunshine calendar” and that is where I got my information from.
    As for the dosages, what do you have available to you?

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    I usually order my supplements from Brazilian Vitamin D3 manufacturers. I have recently come across an American website that deals in various supplements though. They carry 400 IU, 1,000IU, 4,000 IU, 2,000 IU, 5,000 IU and 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 manufactured by different brands. I will definitely check them out.
    Can I put one more question to you? Is it all possible that my Vitamin D blood level has plateaued at 86.8 ng/mL? If so, would it be possible to find out whether that has happened? I would not mind taking 10,000 IU per day as long as I was sure my blood level had plateaued at that level. Any thoughts on that? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot!

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    The only real explanations that I can come up with for the level going higher, I already explained above. If this helps for the weight, we usually recommend 1000iu for every 25lbs of body weight. That is how they come up with the average person weighing 150lbs needing 5000iu a day.
    There is no way for me to tell if you plateaued. I would think so but cannot prove it.
    The other thing you could do would be to take the 10,000iu 6 days a week then “skip a day”. My rationale is that 10,000 times 6 days is 60,000 then divided by 7 days equals an average of 8500iu.
    I believe Biotech also ships all over the world except to those countries that do not allow it.
    Also in the USA our range is the same as yours. I have seen enough studies to know that you do not want to maintain a level below 40ng/ml.
    It is a real shame that bad scientific studies done many years ago has lead us to be so scared of Vitamin D!

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      You have made an excellent suggestion. Thanks a lot!

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