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Hi there I was suffering from sudden feelings of being faint, tingly arms, bone pain, feeling flush, and feeling tiered, brain fog, and was found to have a Vit D level of 9 (I'm also darker skin toned) at its worst I had trouble walking around the block without feeling wiped out. I was prescribed 50,000IU twice a week for a month and then 50,000 IU once a week for a month. My levels went up to 30 after two months. And I was feeling back to my normal self and back to normal activities ( like gym 3x a week). Then I was put on a maintenance does of 5000 IU 5x a week. About 3 months after my initial visit, I started feeling the same symptoms creeping back although not as severe. My Vit D levels are now at 45.6. I've tested negative for Thyroid issues and other lab/including vitamin and mineral results look ok. Is it common to feel sick again during recovery process? I'm 37 and generally healthy.

Asked by  kvitamins on November 16, 2017

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    Well I myself have always thought that Vitamin D “levels” might not necessarily equal someone feeling well. For instance the first two months taking the 50,000iu, you said you felt well again and your level was 30. (I am assuming a measurement in ng/ml.) Then you decreased the amount taken to 5000iu x 5 days but your level went higher but you felt worse again. (Maybe the results are inaccurate?) Your initial level was actually low enough that you most likely had Osteomalacia.
    We usually recommend a maintenance dosage of 5000 iu A DAY, everyday for an adult weighing an average of 150lbs.(So if you weigh more than this let me know.) I do not think the 5000 iu a day will be enough for you by what you are telling me.
    So I would increase that to 8-10,000iu a day and see how you feel in 8 weeks. If you feel fine, then make that your maintenance dosage. If you have improved but are not all the way better, come back and tell me.
    We do recommend maintaining a “healthy” level of 50ng/ml or higher. The symptoms “creeping” back just means that 5000iu x 5 days is not enough to keep “you” well.
    When they did “thyroid testing” did anybody do thyroid “antibody” testing?

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