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Hi there, I have tested D levels at 16ng and Dr said 'a bit low so just just take an OTC Vit D'. Been reading your blog/forum of questions and it's rather low per your recommendations. Weighting 200lbs I suspect I need 2000 IU additionally to daily dose. Also, read some questions here that some posted with similar levels and their doctor ordered 50000IU weekly. Based on that I need 7100IU daily plus 2000IU additionally to compensate for extra weight. I have Calcium ascorbate and Vit D3 + K and Mag glycinate ready to go…would you comment if I am off. Thank-you for your feedback.

Asked by  Rockyb on March 7, 2018

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    See title

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    Well let me put it this way. Eventually for a “maintenance” dosage that might for you mean 7000iu a day. First 150lbs 5000iu and 1000iu more for every 25lbs over, so total 7000iu. The 50,000iu once a week is to treat a deficiency and is about 8000iu a day. For you I would suggest taking 10,000iu a day, instead of the 9K for 8 weeks and then retesting. I do not know if the doctor plans on retesting or not. No one should assume they have made it to the 50ng/ml that we recommend as “healthy”. If the doctor will not test, then the VDC does sell test kits.
    If you test yourself in 8 weeks and your level is 50ng/ml, then you cannot take the 7000iu. You would have to stick to taking the 10,000iu. If you are lower than the 50ng/ml, come back and tell me. If you are higher than the 50ng/ml, then you can take the 7K. Rule of thumb is for every 1000iu up or down will increase or decrease your level by 10ng/ml.
    At levels below 50ng/ml your risk for cancer and autoimmune disease increases “dramatically”.
    If you have any kind of health issues, please tell me because my recommendations/suggestions could be different.
    It would appear that you have already been reading http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/ but if not you should.
    If you develop any symptoms, come back and tell me. Lack of magnesium is usually the culprit but I see you are “prepared”!

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    Thank-you for the prompt response. Yes, I have diabetes and insulin dependent. I suffered with aches and pains, (neuropathy), gastrosteoporosis, asthma, fibromyalgia. Six months ago, I firmly decided to take control of my health as doctors seem a bit alienated…anyhow, with the health of my daughter whose is the one researching tons of info on nutrients and what to eat, I have better control of my sugar (eating more healthy fats/proteins/and complex carbs). I self test my blood about 6 times at day to keep track of my glucose levels. A1C of 6.0, B12 = 267, Folic = 14.9, cholesterol = 141, , Triglycerides = 92, HDL = 52, calc LDL = 71. Also, since started 10gm daily of ascorbate, I don’t get the ‘flu’, scolds’ as I was getting them all the time. And feel much better. Now, we are going to work on my D levels and see how that turns out. If Doc is not willing to retest, I will go with your kit.

    Thank-you again for your input; I am hopeful I will do better if I can learn and understand more about my nutrients.


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    A lot of your problems should get better with Vitamin D. If you have gastro issues it is another good reason to make sure you test in 8 weeks to make sure you are absorbing the Vitamin D.
    Dr. Cannell once said that if you were diabetic that Vitamin D might cause some of your levels to “go out of wack” but if you keep persisting with the D, the levels will settle back down in a week or two. So just keep that in mind.
    You might also want to work to get your level to 80ng/ml since you do have a lot of medical issues.
    Come back and let me know what your level is later and how you feel!

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