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Hi. I'm a 29 year old Female from India and just today did I realize that I have Vitamin D deficiency. I have been noticing constant hair loss and fatigue for few years now but never really understood the reason behind it. But for the last couple of months, the hair loss has been more consistent and the volume of loss higher. I was very doubtful about a vitamin d deficiency and decided to get the same test done. The result came out as "

Asked by  as2831 on December 7, 2018

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    See title

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    So basically the vitamin d result came out as “<4.2 ng/ml” (tested with the 25 Hydroxy method). How bad is this? What is it that I need to immediately to recover from my condition? Because of the constant hair loss I fear having Alopecia. How do I tackle all of this? Whats the best way to go about it? I have been a vegan by choice for the last 7+ years. So could my diet be the reason? Please help me. What should my most immediate next steps be? Please advice. Thanks.

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    Your level is “extremely low”!
    We usually recommend 8000-10,000iu of D3 a day for 8 weeks. (You should take the 10,000iu a day.) After 8 weeks, especially at your low level, you should retest your levels. At that point your levels should be much higher than 50ng/ml. IF your level is not a lot higher, then you need to come back and tell me. For example if your level is 50ng/ml or lower than you need to keep taking the 10,000iu.
    Once your levels have increased enough, then you need to take a maintenance dosage of 5000iu a day. This should keep your level at 50ng/ml.
    We here at the VDC recommend maintaining a “healthy” level of 50ng/ml. At levels at and below 30ng/ml and calcium cannot absorb from your intestines correctly. At levels at and below 40ng/ml, and your risk for cancer and autoimmune diseases rises “dramatically”!
    Low Vitamin D can attribute to hair loss.
    There really is not enough Vitamin D in food sources of any kind, to keep a human healthy and at the “level” we recommend. We were really meant to get Vitamin D from enough exposure to sunshine, living near the equator. So now a days if you cannot do that, then supplements or perhaps sunlamps are your best option.
    Please read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. It is very important!
    If you have anymore questions, just ask!

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    Thanks a lot for your quick response. So what supplements would you suggest to take for me to maintain the 10,000 iu per day? Any particular type of food that you most recommend to get started with? I will make sure to get enough sunlight parallel to this.

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    If you want to rely on “sunshine” for your Vitamin D requirements you absolutely need to read https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/how-do-i-get-the-vitamin-d-my-body-needs/#.XAvDU-JOk2w. There are many factors that go into producing enough Vitamin D via sunshine.
    You need “sunshine” or “supplemental Vitamin D3”. There are some “vegan” Vitamin D3’s out there but may only be available via ordering through the internet.
    Regular D3 is an Over-the counter product here in the USA. So when I said take 10,000iu a day, that means taking enough pills/capsules/drops to “equal” 10,000iu a day for 8 weeks.
    If the rest of your diet is adequate, then it should cover any other minerals or vitamins you need. If the Vitamin D causes symptoms, then most likely it is a lack of magnesium or in your case you may need extra calcium since your D level is so low.
    I hope this clarifies your questions! If not, try again.

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