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Hi IAW, This is RD. I hope you remember me. I can't find the old thread that I had opened back in spring. I want to ask you a question. On July 13, my Vit D blood level was 108nmol/mL.

Asked by  rd3535399342800 on November 30, 2016

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    See title

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    Hi IAW, This is RD. I hope you remember me. I can’t find the old thread that I had opened back in spring. I want to ask you a question.

    On July 13, my Vit D blood level was 108nmol/mL. <-(result of taking 10k daily for 1 month and 5k daily for 2 months). Doctor said to reduce the dosage.

    Between July 16 and August 13, I took 5k WEEKLY.

    Between August 27 and October 16, I took 5k BIWEEKLY.

    On October 16, I took a blood test. I got 37ng/mL.

    I got the results a few days ago.

    I’m shocked at how fast the Vit D level decreased within 3 months! Is that normal?

    I now weight 101-102lbs. The doctor hasn’t followed up, and I assume he thinks 5k biweekly is good enough. I have no idea how much I should be taking to maintain a level of 50-40ng/mL. 37ng/mL is considered optimal according to the clinic’s chart. How do you calculate the proper amount?

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    Take 6,000 IU/day and get tested in 4 months

    Answered by  John Cannell, MD on
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    Hi RD!
    I remember you but not your entire story. You may have to help me out!
    I did an “average” for the time period before July 13th. Over three months you took an average of 6600 iu. Your level was 108nmol/l or 43.2ng/ml.
    You say you “now” weigh 101-102lbs and from what I remember your weight was more but not a lot more??? Is this new weight a good weight for you or are you losing too much?
    So I assume you translated your Oct level from nmol/l and got the 37ng/ml? (Just so we are comparing same measurements.) So your average over that entire period was about 500 iu a day if I did the math correctly. Compared to other people, your level really did not drop a lot, 43 to 37. For most people it would take 4000iu to reach a level of 50ng/ml, if you weighed 100 bs. At this point it seems like it would be too much for you or give you a higher level which is OK unless it does not agree with you.
    So if you could give me some feedback first on some of those questions. Also how do you feel?

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    Sorry, I messed up the units! On July 13, the test showed 108ng/mL.

    I lost 20lbs of visceral fat since I started taking vit D supplements. I never gained it back no matter how much I eat. I used to rarely gain weight even before I hit the deficiency level. Yes, 101-102lbs is my normal weight since I’m not gaining or losing more. All symptoms/issues went away.

    Yes, Oct 16 level was 37ng/mL. Is it normal that I went from 108ng/ml to 37ng/ml within 3 months with the amount of vit d supplements I was taking? I lost more than half of vit D.

    Between Oct 22 and Nov 20, I continued to take 5k biweekly. How do I bring it to 40-50ng/mL and maintain it (considering my weight, which means I would have to take less than the recommended amount)? I’m a male, 29 years old.

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  •  IAW on

    The “rule of thumb” is if you reach a level and then take no more Vitamin D or get any sunshine, your levels will decrease by half every two weeks.
    So when you took an average of 6600 iu, your level was 108ng/ml. So I would guess and say if you took half that amount or rounded to 4000 iu a day, you should end up at around 50ng/ml. We usually recommend 1000iu for every 25lbs of body weight.
    If at any point in the future you got sick or extremely stressed or something taxing on your body, you can take extra Vitamin D to compensate.

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