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Hi, I started taking Vit D3 back in the spring when I found my level to be 25ng/ml. I started with 5000 IU of D3 for a month and retested. Low 40's, so switched to 10,000 IU for a month and got it to 52. Switched to 15,000 IU and have now overshot to 102. I have reverted to 10,000/day. Should I stay there for a month or go to 5000 IU immediately? I don't really notice any side affects other than I may be waking about an hour earlier than I used to. Other than that, I love how I feel in general now. No more afternoon snoozes needed.

Asked by  alan78989500 on September 24, 2017

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    See title

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    Whatever amount someone decides to take, they should take it for a minimum of 8 weeks before testing.
    So I took the average of the 5 and 10 and got 7500iu got you at least to the 50ng/ml. Point is I am not sure you can only take 5000iu. So I would stay on the 10,000iu for 8 weeks. If you can retest fine. If in those 8 weeks you think you are going “backwards” in how you feel, then either go back to the 15,000iu or do something in between 10-15,000.
    Since you did not do a full 8 weeks, you may feel just as fine at 10,000iu instead of 15,000iu. If you say 10K is still fine, then you could try dropping it again to 8000iu if you want to. Again not sure any lower will work for you.
    Biggest point is if more makes you feel better, than take it. If not then then save some money and take a smaller amount!

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