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Hi I started taking D3 1,000 IU every day since 4th February. On 11th April I had my VIt D level checked and it was 60 nmol/l. Is it possible to estimate what my level may have been on 4th February based on the amount I have been taking. (UK – indoor based, very little sunlight, av of 1 portion of oily fish and 1 egg per week) I think I need to continue to take this dose do you agree? I have had health problems for years and never had a vit d test previously, I have a mother with osteo arthritis (severe since age of 40) plus a 7 year old child diagosed with T1 diabetes 2 years ago. I think I must have been very deficient of vit d during pregnancy (she was born mid June). I was taking a low level of vit d with pregnancy vitamins at the time, but I think if I was very deficient these vitamins would have been insufficient to prevent my daughter's risk of T1. Please advise. Thank you.

Asked by  MP on May 22, 2017

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    Sorry there is no way to estimate what your level was in February. Here at the VDC we promote a “healthy” level of 50ng/ml or in your case 125nmol/l. At levels below 100nmol/l and your chance for cancer and autoimmune disease rises dramatically.
    Most people weighing an average of 150lbs have to take 5000iu a day to reach this goal. So you need to take more than 1000iu a day.
    I would hope that your child is also receiving Vitamin D. We recommend 1000iu for every 25lbs of body weight and sometimes even recommend more than that. I recommend that anyone taking a medication carefully monitor it when first starting to take adequate amounts of Vitamin D.

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