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Hi, I have been treated for fibromyalgia for approx 10 years. The new rheumy diagnosed a vit d deficiency last year and said he doesn't think I ever had fibro in the first place! I have been taking 3000iu daily for 4/5 months and do feel an improvement. However, I have stopped taking amitriptyline and started back at Zumba & kettle bells and I feel the old familiar pain creeping back in! I am 41 yo, weigh 20st and desperately want to get healthier! Last year I started a fitness regime and had to stop due to extreme pain…..had to pull myself up from sitting etc. Any advice? I'm really confused and feel I'm stuck between a rock and a very hard place! :(

Asked by  Saraelis73 on January 25, 2015

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    See title

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    The first part is only a theory, so let me know.
    When you were taking the “3000iu, for 4 to 5 months” did it happen to be summer time and you were also getting some sun exposure? Regardless of that, you are not taking anywhere near the amount you actually need. So do you get your blood levels of Vitamin D checked and do you know what they are now? We at the Vitamin D Council recommend taking 5000iu a day and a blood level of 50ng/ml (125nmol/l) or over. The upper end of the range is 100ng/ml (250nmol/l). The upper safe end of Vitamin D intake is presently 10,000iu. (Some of us take more than that and it has been proved that 40,000iu is safe but do not go crazy!)
    Now being overweight you will probably have to take more than the normal amount. (So in a sense even if you are not overweight a person who weighs 200lbs and is 6 feet tall would need more than someone that is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 150lbs.
    Also please read and take seriously the following http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/.
    I think you will need more than the 5000iu so you can either start there or start at 8000iu and go from there! (Keep in mind for later that we like to hear success stories!)

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