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HI I am sorry I know I posted previously but I cannot find the post and my profile says Ive never posted so here goes. I started getting terrible anxiety around end of November, so bad that I stopped eating became very depressed very quickly during the course of this time I had bloods done the first set revealed low folates and a vitamin D of 28 nmol/L. By January 23rd I was low on ferritin, folates, I had a B12 deficiency and my Vitamin D was showing as 22 nmol/L By my local lab guidelines I was originally given 800iu daily as I was considered insufficient not deficient unless under 25 nmol/L. By the second test by UK guidelines and even my local lab I was deificient so on to 4000iu a day of D3 for about 12 weeks then on to maintenance dose I have a couple of questions. Forums are telling me I should be taking more than this (maybe to restore my levels faster?) and that I should be taking magnesium -which I was anyway but also something called K2? 1 1 Do I need this K2 certainly nothing in Uk recommendations about it? 2 Also is anxiety associated with low D levels? As Id heard of links with depression but not anxiety? 3 What do you consider optimal as Ive heard too much can be a bad thing also Thanks so much

Asked by  Groovegal on March 3, 2018

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    See title

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    Sorry I should have said I weigh around 136 pounds because Ive heard dosage is related to weight

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    Groovegal, I remember you, once you told your story again but cannot find you either. So I do not remember everything I wrote and suggested. (I could have written the 4000iu would not be enough after you posted but if you did not come back again you would not have seen that.)
    So here is my understanding and correct me if I am wrong.
    You have been taking the 4000iu since the end of January or beginning February so at most 4 weeks have gone by and you are still feeling really bad? If answer is yes do the following.
    Double your intake of Vitamin D to 8000iu a day or if you can do 10,000iu a day. (With a meal or snack that contains “fat”.”) Your level was “very low”. Yes, low Vitamin D can cause anxiety. Most doctors treat a low level like yours with the equivalent of a minimum 8000iu a day. (We can even try more than the 10,000iu, if you want to but tell me first.)
    You would have to take 40,000iu a days for months on end before you “may” become toxic. I emphasized “may”.
    I usually also tell everyone to read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. It talks about K in there. Now let me say it is the “low amount” of Vitamin D that you are presently taking that is the true issue. With that being said one person a long time ago said until they added the K with the D did their depression get better. If it was an absolute proven thing, I would have said so in the original posting. K directs calcium to bone and away from soft tissues where you do not want it. It also has other functions.
    I also do not remember if in your original posting you talked about all the other low vitamin levels. If you are not taking multi at this point, I suggest you do.
    Vitamin D helps calcium absorb from the intestines. If you are low in calcium then you may get any of the following symptoms. The symptoms of hypocalcemia are/can be muscle spasms/twitches, numbness and tingling of your fingers and toes or around the mouth (pins and needles), depression, irritability,insomnia, very low levels may cause confusion, disorientaion and heart irregularities. You can actually “pass” a calcium blood test AND still be deficient but will have symptoms.
    If you increase the Vitamin D AND any of your symptoms get worse, stop taking it and tell. I try and warn people about low magnesium and it sounds like maybe I did. Most people do not have an issue with the calcium but again there was that one person a long time ago. Vitamin D can actually make ANY mineral go low.
    Let me know what you are going to do. Then at a minimum come back and tell me how you feel in two weeks or come back every week.
    Once you respond back, I will respond again so make sure you check.

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