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Hi! I am new to the forum but have a question. I am a 39 year old mother of 3 who has been struggling with low vit D for the past 6 years. I cannot seem to get my levels up despite my best effort. My Dr doesn't know what to make of it. She has recently put me in 2 50,000 unit pills a week. Could there be an underlying health issue as to why my levels will not increase. Initial thyroid screening is always normal ? I have all the symptoms of fatigue, muscle aches, etc… I need some relief!

Asked by  dakl10261277501900 on April 14, 2017

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    See title

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    Any time someone says “50,000iu once a week” it can indicate that the doctor is giving you prescription D2 and not D3. So that is the first thing you need to determine. If you live in the USA, then this is probably what has happened. If you are taking D2, then you will probably not get better. Taking D2 can actually make D3 levels go lower and D3 is what humans make if they go out in the sun.
    If this is the case, then go and get yourself some over the counter D3. It is best if you take it on a “daily” basis rather than weekly. So for 50,000iu that is about 7-8000iu a day. If you are severely deficient, then you can take 10,000iu for a while and then once your levels have increased and you are feeling better, you can go to a maintenance dosage of 5000iu. We recommend maintaining a level of 50ng/ml. At levels below 40ng/ml your chances for cancer and autoimmune disease increases dramatically.
    If you really are taking D3, then you need to tell me!!!
    You really need to read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. It is very important!
    If your symptoms get worse or any new symptoms start, then come back and tell me. It usually means you are deficient in a mineral.
    The odds are everyone in your family is probably deficient or have levels below 40ng/ml. So if you have not already please read https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/.

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