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Hi. I am an avid reader and researcher on the benefits of Vitamin D. I try to get people to have their levels tested so they can have a baseline from which to start and to know how much they will need to supplement with to get their levels up.TMainstream medicine seem to think that levels have much to do with outcomes etc and that 800IU is adequate. I came across this study and wanted your opinion on it. It is a five year study and gives participants 2000iu every day plus a 1gm fish oil tablet. Having a blood test for starting levels of vit d was optional. I feel that this study is going to fail as only taking 2000 is not a large enough (in my opinion) dose and that surely you would need to know everyone's level at the beginning and at the end. Would appreciate your input. Thanks VITAL is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids that is following a multiethnic population for five years. To date, there have been no previous large randomized trials of supplemental vitamin D in high enough doses to produce meaningful changes in circulating vitamin D levels and designed to assess its effects on cancer and CVD.

Asked by  mslarma on November 7, 2017


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