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Hi. I am a 43 year woman in WI. I have ill health that I have been trying to talk with doctors about the majority of my life, and have also been trying to figure it out a lot on my own. I have several diagnosed autoimmune diseases, some of which cause fatigue, pain, and inflammation. There is so much pain in my body, joints, muscles, spine, nerve endings, etc. with damage also. I feel at wits end right now. I have felt so ill for quite some time now, and it progressively keeps getting worse. My dad had problems with vitamin D, my sister does, and when they took a Vitamin D blood test two years ago, I was at 27.6. They did not put me on supplements, or take it very seriously. They basically did nothing. As I keep getting worse, I cannot help but wonder if my level of Vitamin D could have something to do with me progressively getting more ill. My questions are as follows: 1.) Could the level of Vitamin two years ago, combined with not supplementing Vitamin D be some of the cause of me being so ill? 2.) What do you suggest I talk with my new doctor about as far as diseases or tests to check for both levels of other things in my body to check, and possible illnesses to be checked for? 3.) As I said earlier, I am very ill. What do you suggest I should perhaps do next? 4.) Can low Vitamin D have something to do with my autoimmune hypothyroidism, bone, muscle, joint, and back pain? 5.) Can low Vitamin cause weight gain, even if nothing in your diet has changed? What supplements should I start to try to perhaps start feeling better? Thank you for this forum and letting people like myself ask questions. I look forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely, Kar *(who is at complete wits end and hopeless, except for the fact that I have God in Heaven to keep me going day after day, even though I am severely depressed in general and because I do not feel well). :(

Asked by  Kar on June 15, 2017

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    All of what you are experiencing could absolutely come from low Vitamin D levels. At the level of 27 (ng/ml?), you were already below the bottom end of the range. Since the “official” range, at this time, goes from 30-100 ng/ml they probably did not see it as an issue when in fact it really is.
    Studies show that at levels below 40ng/ml and your chances for cancer and autoimmune disease rises dramatically! This is why we promote a minimum “healthy” level of 50ng/ml.
    What most people and doctors do not understand is once they have a level they assume it will always “stay” at that level. For instance was your level taken in the summer or winter? If for example it was taken in the summer, there may have been some “sunshine” in your level. Come winter and your level would be even lower. The other thing is once a level is corrected, you have to take a maintenance dosage and a large enough one or your levels will plummet again.
    The other thing is that people seem to think this is a “genetic” problem. You said “your Dad and sister” had issues. It is more a factor of “where you live” meaning the “latitude” because in winter there is little to no Vitamin D that can be made because of the angle of the sun. I guarantee that most, if not all, of Wisconsin is deficient in the winter.
    Yes, low Vitamin D can be the cause of weight gain and depression.
    Unfortunately I do not know if discussing anything with your doctor will help. I think, though, we at the VDC can put you onto the path of recovery. Sometimes to people in the past I have had to say you can either listen to your doctor and be sick or listen to us and our recommendations.
    Since you have autoimmune issues, this is what I would do. First read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. It is very important especially the part on magnesium! Second I would take 10,000 iu of Vitamin D a day. It is the “official safe upper limit” to take. (I take more than that a day, so it is safe.) Now starting any amount of Vitamin D can cause minerals or vitamins to deplete and cause symptoms. SO I really suggest a multi vitamin and too that you will probably have to add Vitamin K and/or K2 and magnesium. (Do not get magnesium oxide.) If you start getting any new symptoms or old ones get worse, come back and tell me right away! This is usually caused by mineral or vitamin deficiencies but it some people it causes hypercalcemia.
    Do this for 8 weeks, then come back and tell me how you feel. Eventually, down the road you will probably need just a maintenance dosage but right now we need to make you well.
    There is a chance you can maybe “cure” the autoimmune issues. If you have Hashimoto’s there was a study that showed taking vitamin d decreased antibody levels. So the only other thing I can say is this. When someone already takes medicine for a condition, I try and remember to warn them that once you start to correct a Vitamin D deficiency, it might change the amount of medicine you take. SO please also keep that in mind as you go along.
    Chin-up, there is still hope!

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