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Hi everyone, I have been taking 5000IU of vitamin D since last 5-6 months. My level was a 14 at the start and now has been 31. But I also observed my calcium which used to be in 9.5-9.7 is now 10.0. It seems the upper limit is 10.2. Is this caused due to too much vitamin D?

Asked by  Reshma on March 12, 2017

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    Unless your calcium levels go “over” the upper end, do you have to be concerned. I am not a doctor but what I think you have is just a “new” normal level for you. It could be from taking the Vitamin D but it is not a bad thing at this point. Even if your calcium level went slightly over the upper end, it is OK as long as you do not have symptoms of hypercalcemia.
    Now I will assume your level of 31 is measured as ng/ml? We promote having a minimum level of 50ng/ml. Too many studies show that at levels below 40ng/ml and your chances for cancer and autoimmune disease rises “dramatically”.
    The reason you may not have reached this level taking the 5000iu is if your weight is more than 150lbs, or you presently have a disease or health condition or the brand you use may not contain 5000iu or intestinal issues may cause less absorption and taking Vitamin D with a meal or “fats” will help absorb more. You should increase your dosage.

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