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Hello, I sent my test kit in almost a month ago and have received no results. Furthermore, the phone numbers don't have enough room to accept more voicemails and the email gets kicked back as "no longer valid" or similar. I have a feeling you accepted my money with no plans of rendering a service. Am I wrong?

Asked by  GP7 on January 10, 2019

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    See title

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    The only thing I know is that these tests come from Heartland and I do not know if they can help you. http://www.heartlandassays.com/services/vitamin-d-analysis
    I believe something very unforeseen, quite possible severe health issues, have happened to the person who runs the Vitamin D Council. I am very sorry it has left you in a bind. As far as I know, there was no intention to just take your money and not provide service. Something pretty bad has happened. I am just a person who volunteers to answer these questions and I have no way to contact the council, either, at this point.
    Just to let you know, you can also get test kits thru grassrootshealth.net.

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      I appreciate your response and if there are some health concerns, I hope they can be resolved. I’ll look for another avenue to get some results and appreciate greatly the links you provided. Thank you.

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