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Hello, Does low Vitamin D level correlates with low serotonin level. Is there any evidence. My level is 17 ng/ml. I am suffering from depression and anxiety quite long. Earlier also I have supplimented with Vit D3 (60000 IU/week for 8 week), but highest I could reach up to 31 ng/ml. Now again it below. Then how to reach upto 50-60 ng/ml to become healthy? Thank you.

Asked by  sourish.mukherjee198344049300 on September 5, 2017

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    See title

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    Yes, there is evidence that Vitamin D deficiency can cause depression and anxiety.
    The 60,000 iu once a week, as you proved, is not enough for you since you only made it to 31ng/ml.
    It is better for you to take Vitamin D on a daily basis. So you should try 15,000 iu daily to “start”. Always take Vitamin D with a snack or meal that has some “fat” in it for best absorption.
    You need to read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. It is very important and you need to take the co-factors seriously. Even low magnesium can cause anxiety. Blood tests that measure for minerals only measure what is in your bloodstream which amounts to 1-2 percent of total body stores. So DO NOT rely on those figures, you can still have a deficit. One person reported that until they added Vitamin K to the Vitamin D, did their depression get better.
    If you are low in magnesium, then taking the Vitamin D will probably make the anxiety worse. This is because Vitamin D needs a lot of magnesium to process different things. So if you need to take a supplement DO NOT get magnesium oxide.
    What ever you do, you cannot stop the Vitamin D supplementation or your levels will plummet again. This is the biggest mistake people and even some doctors make. Vitamin D needs to be constantly replenished, daily.
    Please tell me if you take any medications for the depression or anxiety! Also let me know if you weigh a lot more than 150lbs (68kg)). The more you weigh, the more Vitamin D you have to take. Also do you have any “gut” issues that might cause Vitamin D not to absorb?
    See if you can then test your level at 8 weeks BUT more important at that point is do you feel any better. If not then we might have to increase some more. So please come back and tell me how you are feeling and we can decide from there.
    If you have any more questions, just ask!

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  •  sourish.mukherjee198344049300 on

    Thanks IAW.Much appreciated. You have given a very clear view.

    I don’t take any medicine for depression and anxiety. To cope up with stress full situation at times I have to take clonazepam-0.25 mg/0.125 mg (half pill). I do take it for my heavy sleep disturbances. My weight is 66 kg.I don’t have any gut issue, but I am slightly constipated. Along with my anxiety/depression I have too much of tiredness, joint pain, body pain, brain fog, hair loss etc. I am from India and here doctors are just careless. When my Vit D was 31 ng/ml, then he told to stop because you are normal. When again I did the test after 6 months, it was 17 ng/ml. You are very much right that we should do a continuous supplementation.

    Today I will be receiving 5000 IU vitamin D3 (softgel capsules) and start immediately supplementation. I got Magnesium glycinate tablet (200 mg) through amazon and I am taking it last 4 days. Right now I don’t have Vitamin K2. Let me see if get it. I will take Vit D3 (15000 IU) for next 8 weeks and let you know my progress. From my previous experience I can tell you that Vit D3 makes me feel good, the only thing I was not having that the guidance—-that for how many days I need to take. Now I am clear. Also, I have noticed soft gel capsules works better than normal capsule and tablets.

    Thank you.

    Answered by  sourish.mukherjee198344049300 on
  •  IAW on

    The Vitamin D should help all those other symptoms that you mentioned.
    Since you already know that Vitamin D does make you feel better, I am sure you will feel better soon!

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  •  sourish.mukherjee198344049300 on

    Thank you very much.

    Answered by  sourish.mukherjee198344049300 on

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