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Hello, After having been diagnosed with vitamind defficiency i took vitamin d 10000IU/day for 30 days. During the treatment i felt heart beats, numbness, and frequent urination..i stopped the treatment following my Dr's order. Now the symptoms have gone but now i have pain all over my body stabbing/ needle pain. Diagnosed with fybromyalgia. Is it because of the toxicity or it's a coinsidence ? I read on the internet that vitamin d high dose causes neurotransmitter imbalances which is the same cause of fybromyalgia disease. Thank you for your help.

Asked by  paula.abourjeily12213200 on October 12, 2015

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    See title

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    Paula the symptoms of hypercalcemia include:
    • feeling sick or being sick
    • poor appetite or loss of appetite
    • feeling very thirsty
    • passing urine often
    • constipation or diarrhea
    • abdominal pain
    • muscle weakness or pain
    • feeling confused
    • feeling tired
    You had one of those symptoms.
    I suspect that you now have a magnesium deficiency. Were you taking any magnesium with the Vitamin D and if so how much? There are co-factors you need to take or to make sure there is enough in your diet. Most people are magnesium deficient because they do not get enough in their diets.
    This is a great story just posted that you can read at http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/q-a-forum/topic/cured-of-fibromylgia-8-years-ago-in-reference-to-httpwww-vitamindcouncil-orghealth-conditionsfibromyalgia-i-find-it-really-sad-that-research-falls-short-on-either-the-amount-of-vitamin-d-sup/.
    Another story right after that one contains the following person that is now taking magnesium and they said this the other day. “Thanks for your response”.” I don’t have any bowel issues or other side effects of 600mg/day magnesium.” “I feel even better, more energetic and less bone and muscle pain so I will definitely continue with supplements.” (They were not taking any Vitamin D yet and felt better taking the magnesium.)

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    Thank you for your reply. No, i wasn’t taking any magnesium supplements.

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