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Hello :) Thanx to this site I've been getting my D3 levels way up! I'm a male in the beginning of my thirties and aprox. 100 kilos. I get very little sun exposure where I live. I started out at 16ng/ml a couple a years ago. My doctor recommended supplementing with D3, by recommending a doubling of the standard dose which I now know is way too low! Never had the retest. Anyhow, I recently read up on D3 and dosing myself. So started this dosing protocol: 6 weeks – 10.000 IU D3 2 weeks – 15.000 IU D3 Bloodtestresult: 62 ng/ml (155 nmol/l). Supplementing with magnesium and K2 (mk7). That's a good level I belive :) My question is: should I continue to take 15.0000 IU D3 every day, or should I mix it up by taking 10.000 and 15.000 every other day? Regards Foxen

Asked by  Foxen on August 23, 2017

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    See title

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    For future reference it takes about 8 weeks, of taking the same amount of Vitamin D, to know what your level will end up being on that specific amount. (So it’s hard to say just how much that 2 weeks of 15,000iu changed the level.)
    So I think for you, I would at least not take less than 10,000iu a day. You certainly could mix it up and do the every other day. Your level will probably end up a little higher than what it is now.
    More importantly do you have “any” health concerns at this point in time? In other words if “no” then keep doing what you are doing, if you answer “yes” then I might have a different answer on how much you should be taking!

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    No other concerns. Thank you for your reply! I’ll take it from here 🙂

    Answered by  Foxen on

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