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Hello, my five year daughter was found to be very deficient in vitamin d, so out pediatrician recommend a 600 iu supplement in addition to fish oil which has 500 iu and she was already taking a multivitamin with 400 iu. She has been on this dosage for about 2 months. She recently had severe vomiting with an increased heart rate and dilated pupils, we went to the e.r. and was told it was viral. At the time I did not think to mention her vitamin supplements, my wife later found out about vitamin d toxicity. Is she taking too much, she is about 34 lbs.

Asked by  vincovatta18453800 on March 5, 2015

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    See title

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    The Vitamin D Council is “1,000 IU/day per 25lbs of body weight”. So if she is really closer to the 35lb mark than that would or could equal 1500iu a day. Adding up what she gets is a total of 1500iu. You said she was very deficient and it has been taking it for 2 months. Has the Doctor scheduled a repeat to check her Vitamin D level? It also states that you would have to give someone of her weight 4000iu for several months in order to create a toxicity level.
    So I believe she just had a virus. I also think you have a great doctor who even knew to check her levels.
    Something else I hope is that if you plan on having more children, that you first read about pregnancy and Vitamin D. Low levels in pregnancy can cause all sorts of medical problems for both the mother and fetus. Have you or your wife ever been tested for deficiency?

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