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Hello, I'm a 40 yr old female. I started a heavy hair shading back in May. My doctor ordered various tests which proved I had no issues with nutrients/vitamins. As a last resort, she ordered a vitamin D test. My level was at 23.3 ng/mL. She prescribed the 50,000 for 10 weeks. Sometime in August my shedding complete stopped and I started taking 1,000 iu a day. In October the shedding came back so I retested and my level was 28.6 ng/mL. A new doctor who had no clue about Vit D and hair deficiency said to take 50k for 8 weeks. I decided against it, as I see that as a band aid so I started taking 10K-15K a day. I plan on retesting in December again. It has been 2 months now and I am still shedding, I have read other reports about Vit D deficiency in people, I don't have any other issues like pains, low energy. I only have this issue. I have not seen any comments about hair on this blog but I read how lack of Vit D contributes to hair loss. I have read how some people bounce back after taking higher doses of Vit D, hair is different. It take a lot longer to recover. Have you had someone with this issue? Should I continue to take 10-15K until December? or should I increase it. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Asked by  Gollum on November 27, 2018

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    I did not quite understand your statement of “I see that as a band aid”, the 50,000iu once a week for 8 weeks.
    To treat a deficiency take 8000-10,000iu of D3 daily and not prescription D2, for 8 weeks. (The 8000iu daily would equal the 50,000iu once a week.) So do not take D2. The other mistake was only taking 1000iu after you were treated. If you weigh an average of 150lbs, you need to take 5000iu a day after being treated or your levels will just “plummet” again. Taking 5000iu a day as a maintenance dosage should give you the “healthy” level of 50ng/ml that we recommend. IF you weigh more than the 150lbs, you have to take more. Let me know.
    Now it sounds like you have taken anywhere from 10-15,000 for eight weeks? If it has been eight weeks, you can retest. Your level should have recovered and be much higher than the 50ng/ml. If your level is not a lot higher, then there is a problem and you should come back and tell me.
    Lack of Vitamin D can cause hair issues. If I remember hair does go through “cycles” so although your level might be fine, it may take longer for your hair to catch up. (It did improve on the first D treatment, so it should again.)
    The only other thing I can think of is zinc is a Vitamin D co-factor and is also needed for hair growth. Maybe if you supplemented with some extra zinc for a while, maybe it will come back faster. It’s only a guess.
    If you have any more questions, just ask!

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