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Hello, I’m a 32 year old man, I’m 6ft and 107kg Recently all of a sudden I seem to have pains all over, mainly my hands and feet, but also my lower back, my ankles, elbows, knees, wrists etc. My fingers hurt and my hands are tight when I wake up, if I squeeze on any of my bones it’s hurts, especially the bones between the joints on my fingers and my forearms, my sternum also hurts if I press on it. My Doctor is as much use as a chocolate teapot, so u went and had my vit d tested. It has came back at 33.2nmol/l or 13.3ng/ml so I know it’s low, but is it low enough to cause these problems?

Asked by  Shd1 on April 17, 2019

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    See title

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    Yes, it is low enough to cause these problems!
    At 30ng/ml and below, calcium cannot absorb correctly from the intestines. This can lead to Osteomalacia (Adult Rickets). At levels at and below 40ng/ml, your risk for cancer and autoimmune diseases rises dramatically. This is why we promote “maintaining” a ‘healthy’ level of 50ng/ml(125nmol/l).
    Although I am not a doctor, your symptoms indicate rickets. To treat a deficiency we recommend taking 8000-10,000iu of D3 a day for 8 weeks and then retesting levels to make sure they have recovered.
    Weight also plays a factor in how much Vitamin D to take. We usually recommend 5000iu as a “maintenance dosage”, once done with treatment, for a person weighing 150lbs and then add another 1000iu for every 25lbs over this. So if your weight stays the same, this would then mean for you a maintenance dose of 8000-9000iu per day.
    You may want to try the following. Take 15,000iu per day for two weeks. Then decrease to the 10,000iu for 8 weeks and retest. Always take the same amount of Vitamin D for a full 8 weeks in order to know what “level” that amount of Vitamin D will give you. For you, in 8 weeks on 10K, your level will probably not be much higher than the 50ng/ml, maybe more like 60ng/ml. It is fine if you maintain this level.
    Also keep in mind since we are in Spring/Summer, if you spend time outside, it will add to your D level and give you a higher reading then what you would have in winter on the same supplement amount.
    Please read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. If there is not enough magnesium in your diet, the Vitamin D may cause symptoms. Magnesium like calcium is also needed for bone repair. If there is not enough calcium in your diet, you may also want to supplement with about 500mg for the 8 weeks.
    If you have any more questions, just ask!

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    Thanks for the reply, I started taking 10000mg of Vit D around 4 days ago, plus magnesium and vit k. I will get boron and zinc today.

    Just a little question, since I started taking it, I feel my hand pain has got worse, especially in the mornings. Hands feel very tight? Is this normal when starting to get vitamin d back into the body? I was hoping it’s just a case of getting worse before it gets better.

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    Just so you know, I am not a doctor. Some people do report “getting worse before they get better”. This seems to be a minority of people. You do have bone pain and that does most likely mean Osteomalacia. You did not mention getting calcium and I do not know if that will help.
    As long as you do not get any “hyper”calcemia symptoms, then you should be fine and just need to give it some time.
    If you have anymore questions, just ask! 🙂

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