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Hello! I'm a 25 year old guy, 5'8 and 110lbs. Lately I was diagnosed with Vitamin B12 deficieny. I received injections and will get my blood work done next week. Some symptoms like my brain fog and personality change is a lot better. But I think I might be deficient in Vitamin D too. I get often shaky for no apparent reason. I have muscle spasms, weakness and pain that feels like my bones hurt. I lost weight since October last year. My appetite decreased, I'm so tired that I can feel it under my eyes and I feel dizzy most of the times. I've got vision problems too and I noticed severe hair loss. I'm asking if it may be possible that I am deficient in Vitamin D cause I felt sick since last summer due to my B12 deficiency that I couldn't leave the house like I used to. I live in Germany and I know that most people are deficient but my GP doesn't think that this is a problem here. I will get VitD tested too, but I want to hear your opinion on this. Thank you very much. PS: Can you get nerve damage or nerve pain too when you're VitD deficient?

Asked by  Jughead on April 9, 2019

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    See title

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    If you can get your Vitamin D level tested before you start the following, then please do so. If this means you have to postpone starting for more than just a few days then don’t do it.
    If your ‘bones hurt’, then most likely you have Osteomalacia (Adult Rickets). This means your D level is extremely low.
    You are correct when you said most people are deficient so you really do not have to convince me that you are.
    To treat a deficiency take 8000-10,000iu of D3 A DAY for 8 weeks. At 8 weeks, especially with your symptoms, you should be retested(tested) to make sure your levels have recovered. So for example, even if you do not have a starting D level, in 8 weeks that level should end up around 80ng/ml or maybe higher. If it is AND all of your symptoms are gone, then you can take a maintenance dosage of, for your weight, 5000iu a day forever. If you can get plenty of sunshine in the summer, then maybe you can not take the D and only take it in the winter or maybe reduce your dose and get half by supplement and half through sunshine. If your symptoms are not gone in 8 weeks or your new level tests a lot lower than 80ng/ml, come back and tell me.
    I have seen a lot of people have B12 deficiencies along with Vitamin D deficiencies. (My guess is the low D is causing the low B12.)
    At D levels below 30ng/ml and calcium cannot absorb from the intestines. Hence Osteomalacia. At levels below 40 ng/ml, your risk for cancer and autoimmune diseases rises “dramatically”. Some by 60%.
    Basically all of your symptoms should go away. Nerve pain might be from lack of calcium being absorbed or low D.
    Go get yourself some Vitamin D and do what I said above!
    If you wouldn’t mind me asking, what kind of “personality change” did you have from lack of B12? It’s for my knowledge.
    If you have any more questions, just ask!

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    Thank you so much for your reply! I will definetely take your advice. I made some notes too especially about the magnesium.

    About the personality change. The process to the day I couldn’t even recognize myself anymore was slow but noticeable. There was a change in my behavior and in my overall taste in everything, eg. the music I was listening to for years made me aggressive (it wasn’t metal btw), I always was polite and kind to people but as it got worse I started hating people so much that it made me antisocial. It wasn’t the kind of change you have when you’re depressed or something like that. That feeling was way different.
    After my second injection on B12 it was all gone! I couldn’t believe it but my girlfriend noticed those things too. I’m getting myself again.
    I hope this helps. It’s amazing and a bit scary that such things as vitamins can change the whole you, and not just your body in its functions.

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    Your welcome!
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Also thank you for the B12 information! 🙂

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