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Hello, I tested my D levels back in March and they were low so I started supplementing with D3. I had another blood test done last week and now my levels were 104 ng/ml. I was supplementing 5000-10,000 IU daily for months. The Lab said my levels are a little high, but If I stop the high dose my levels should lower themselves quickly. My question is, I take a multi-vitamin from Thorne Research, and it contains 1000 IU. Is that a safe dose to continue at, even if my levels are slightly high? I'm also dealing with adrenal fatigue issues at the moment and the multi vitamin is really helping me. I'm 35, and female. Thank you so much for any suggestions, and thank you for your website. :-)

Asked by  katsexsmith20133500 on August 7, 2015

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    The upper end of the Vitamin D range is 100ng/ml and really you are only “slightly” over. We already know that a level of 150 ng/ml is safe. So it is OK to take the multi vitamin with the 1000iu. If I were you though, I would not cut back your intake that far. I would either get an extra 4000iu to take or if it is easier get 5000iu to take with the 1000iu. I really think your level will go down since you will not be taking 10,000iu. If you start to feel worse (adrenal fatigue gets worse) after cutting back then you might want to take a higher amount again. I think Vitamin C is used a lot by the adrenal glands. Is that what you think is helping or something else?

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