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Hello, I haven't had my levels checked in a while possibly about since approx. last year the last I remember my levels were 19 or 14 . So I am now feeling symptoms exacerbated by stress I've been feeling depressed and find going out in the sun definitely helps (African American 5'1 166) and poor diet . I. Really want to bring my levels up so I'm wondering which dosage and for how long should I take it . I recently purchased D3 5000iu as well as a multivitamin with 1000 iu in it adding up to 6000 as well as fish oil . Which adds up to a dosage of 42000/weekly . I was going to take 10000 daily which adds up to about 70000 per week . Also are there any other vitamins I should take the multivitamin I take has 7500iu A , vitamin K1 100 mcg, 100 mcg b12 , 18mg iron , 200mg calcium, magnesium 100 mg (only put the ones I thought were confactors) (alive! Once daily women's ultra potency) I also wanted to purchase another magnesium as well as iron for absorption . Would that be ok . I've also just been diagnosed with gastritis the doctor said it wasn't bad as I am awaiting biopsy results I've been prescribed Prilosec and wondering if I should take vitamins with that and how long should I take that dosage or if I should increase I was going to take two of the 5000 a day adding up to 70000 in weekly

Asked by  Pcampbell3233 on July 1, 2017

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    See title

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    If you have not already you should read https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. (I was not sure if you learned about co-factors there or just out on the internet.) The amount of K in there and magnesium may or may not be enough. The multi does show magnesium oxide and this “type” does not always absorb well. So if you add to it try and get one that “ends in ate”, for example citrate. Magnesium is the number one thing lacking in diets and if you do not take enough then Vitamin D can sometimes cause symptoms because of this. Iron does nothing for Vitamin D that I know of so unless you have low iron levels to begin with, then you probably do not need that.
    A warning about the Prilosec which is a proton pump inhibitor. It can cause magnesium deficiency. Internet also states “impacting vitamin B12, vitamin C, calcium, iron and magnesium metabolism.”
    You may be able to solve the gastritis (also depression)once you take enough Vitamin D. If enough Vitamin D does not solve the issue than either a “probiotic” or “prebiotic” may help. Vitamin D also helps “populate” the stomach with good bacteria which then does great things for your digestive system.
    Do you have any other health issues?
    Now to how much to take. The “10,000 iu a day is the “official” safe upper limit. (Some of us take more than that.) You could “jump start” yourself and take 10,000iu a day for several weeks and then take 6000iu a day after that. IF you lower to 6000iu and don’t feel as well, then increase it back up. If you get any new symptoms, then it is probably because of not enough magnesium but come back and let me know. If the “stress” is continuing then maybe you just want to stick with 10,000iu for now. For future reference if you are having stress then you may want to increase your Vitamin D intake while it is going on.
    You need to stay on any given amount of Vitamin D for
    8 weeks to know what level you would end up having with that amount.
    Now at some point you may be able to get by on the maintenance dosage of 5000 iu a day. (Taking 6000iu is OK too.) That is if there is no illness or mental or physical stress.
    Let me know if you have any more questions.
    We also like to hear success stories. So if it helps your gastritis or cures it, please come back and let me know!

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    thanks I’m going to try taking the 10000 a day . And and dosage for the magnesium

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