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Hello, I have 176 pounds and I am diagnosed with Crohn disease. Now I have second day influenza. It is safe for me to take for a week 10 000 IU vitamin D? In December I had vitamin D level 25,39 ng/ml after taking circa 6 months 4000 IU vitamin D per day. Thank you for the answer.

Asked by  Chacal on February 23, 2018

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    It is absolutely safe to take the 10,000iu.
    May I make a suggestion. Your Vitamin D level in December, after taking the 4000iu was still too low to be healthy. A “healthy” level is minimum 50ng/ml. You will need to take 7000iu a day, is my guess, to make it to the 50ng/ml but you may need an even higher amount.
    Now since you have Crohn’s, do you have any proof that you are absorbing the Vitamin D? Meaning did you have an extremely low level before starting the 4000iu or do you not have a “starting” level before taking the 4000iu? For example if your starting level was 8ng/ml and you made it to 25ng/ml, then you are absorbing some. If your starting level was 20ng/ml and went to 25ng/ml, there is an issue.
    You would be better off taking the 10,000iu for eight weeks and retesting. I wouldn’t even start the eight week countdown until you are over the flu.
    Since your levels are so low, you could double or triple the 10,000iu for one week and it will not hurt you. If symptoms get worse or new symptoms appear, then it probably a mineral or vitamin deficiency and you should come back and tell me.
    People who do not absorb Vitamin D well do to gastro issues, sometimes do better with a Vitamin D “oral spray”.
    If you follow my advice on taking the 10K and then retesting, come back and tell me what your level is then!
    Let me know if you have any more questions!

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