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Hello, I am a 68 Year old female .My vitamin D was measured at 291 nmol/L. This reading is HI apparently according to this Canadian Lab test. I have been taking 4000 units Vit D for 8 years and haven’t been tested in a couple of years until now I did lose about 40 llbs weight therefore my question is do I need to take less daily now to get my reading down? I did stop taking Vit D a week ago. How long do I stop it and what dose do I start it again to get a lower reading of a "safer" reading190 ng/ml. How long does vitamin d remain in your body? Thank you

Asked by  [email protected] on September 8, 2019

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    See title

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    First 291nmol/l equals 116ng/ml. Here in the USA, usually anything above 100ng/ml is considered “high” but levels are safe up to 150ng/ml (375nmol/l).
    I suspect, but you can correct me if necessary, that D level you presently have has some “sunshine” in it along with the 4000iu that you take. Most people weighing 150lbs need 5000iu of D3 per day to maintain a “healthy” level of 50ng/ml(125nmol/l).
    Some people, when it is spring/summer, do get out in the sunshine. In this instance you either end up with a higher level for awhile OR you need to take less supplement or sometimes none at all during this time frame. Keep in mind though, as we age, sometimes we do not make as much Vitamin D thru our skin.
    So if I had to “guess at the moment”, it looks like you might make enough from sunshine to not need any or next year only take 2000iu a day and get the rest thru sunshine.
    If your level is 116ng/ml and you got no more sunshine and took no supplements, Vitamin D levels fall by half every two weeks. So if you wait another week and do not take any then your level if tested should be around 58ng/ml(145nmol/l). At that point since summer is over, you would need to take the 4-5000iu again.
    If you are not going to test your level too often, then the best time may be more like November to make sure you are making the minimum healthy level the VDC recommends of 50ng/ml(125nmol/l).
    If per chance you don’t get any sunshine and lost weight, your Vitamin D level does not really make sense so let me know!
    I think I answered all of your questions! Congratulations on the weight loss. 🙂

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    Hello IAW,
    Thank you for your response . You asked me to tell you if I don’t get any sun. I was concerned about my Vitamin D being 291 mmol/L . You told me levels are safe up to 150ng/ml (375nmol/l). Now my concern is I do not get out into the sun except not more than 10 minutes a day but I do go to a tanning bed once a week for 15 minutes. My weight loss also is unintentional. I do not have much appetite so do you think it is possible that my vitamin D level is causing me to lose weight ( I only weigh 88 pounds and used to weigh 125. My blood work was excellent when I saw a doctor and the only thing he could see was my D level was too high. It does not make sense to me neither. But I will stop taking it for a few months then start again at 2000 or 3000 and get retested.
    Thank you

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    When you went to see the doctor and everything was “fine” except for your D level, did you go because you are having health concerns like the drop in weight? Do you have any other symptoms? Please let me know!
    Your present D level is not terribly high and should not be “in theory”, causing any issues. Having said this maybe it is too much for “you”. My level has been much higher than this and unfortunately never caused any weight loss for me much to my dismay.
    “Throwing the tanning bed in there” starts to make it harder for me to say what is happening. Taking 4000iu a day, is not a high amount but combined with the tanning bed could be giving you the higher figure. We usually recommend 1000iu for every 25lbs of body weight. When you said you had lost weight, I automatically assumed you were overweight and I am sorry I assumed that. Does this weight loss put you well below where your weight should be?
    Maybe for your genetic make-up, using a tanning bed once a week for 15 minutes would be enough.

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