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Has the effect of vitamin D levels been evaluated in animals infected with any of the ebolaviruses? Also, have potential vitamin D effects been evaluated in vitro with cultured ebolaviruses? And, might there be any epidemiological work looking at vitamin D levels' effect on disease outcomes of humans infected with any of the ebolaviruses? Thanks in advance!

Asked by  CA_Toxicologist on October 14, 2014

  •  CA_Toxicologist on

    See title

    Answered by  CA_Toxicologist on
  •  Will Hunter on

    Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any research examining the relationship between vitamin D levels and ebolaviruses in animals or humans, or the in vitro effects of vitamin D on any of the ebolaviruses. If I find anything, I will post it to the Research subforum.

    Answered by  Will Hunter on
    •  Rita Celone Umile on

      Ebola is a viral hemorrhagic fever. There are other Viral hemorrhagic fevers. Dengue for example. Also Yellow Fever. Has there been any research regarding Vitamin D and these other viral hemorrhagic fevers? Can this research translate to Ebola?

      Answered by  Rita Celone Umile on

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