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Has the council produced a charter table that links the UV Index and exposure time to obtain optimal VIT D for the various skin type.? e.g. UV index /skin type /exposure time optimal/ max 9…………../1…………./ 10min/15 min . 8……….,,,,/1………..,/ 11 min/ 17 min Etc etc It seems to me this would be extremely useful. One listens to weather forecast and determines how long to sun.( if at all) Min time would be sufficient to get the RDA while the max would be the longest without burning! A second related question. If one suns to receive more than the the RDA, is the excess stored and used up as required at a RDA rate, so that one could sun one two days and get enough Vit d for say the week? Tx Barryt

Asked by  b58kt45098400 on March 30, 2017

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    See title

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    Should read …chart or table…not charter

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    No there is no chart and I assume there are too many variables to actually make one.
    When you talk about “RDA” and “RDA” rate the entire premise of this website is that the RDA recommendations are very wrong and no one can be healthy at those given rates.
    Vitamin D is/can be stored, to a point but only if you get enough in the first place. It was proved that the body does not “store” until you reach a minimum of 40ng/ml. So yes you would not have to sun “every single day as long as you were out long enough, to get enough. I remember reading where a person was doing several days a week with a “sunlamp” and those several days were able to give her a certain level and maintain that level.

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