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Good morning. Should Vitamin D (cholcalciferol) 60K be taken on empty stomach in the morning to increase absorption into the body? Asking because I have had 4 or 5 courses of 60K but my 25(OH)D levels don't rise beyond 25. Suffer from osteomalacia (have severe bone pain) Thank you.

Asked by  rtewary14059200 on December 25, 2016

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    Good morning!
    First I just want to make sure that you have been diagnosed with Osteomalacia. I am asking because if you have a “hypersensitivity” to Vitamin D, it will cause hypercalcemia and hypercalcemia can cause bone pain also.
    If your bone pain is truly coming from Osteomalacia, then that is a different story.
    From your description, your levels do rise (so that means you can absorb) but they never get over 25. (I am assuming this was measured as ng/ml and not nmol/l?)
    So to answer the question, NO do not take on an empty stomach. Vitamin D needs a little fat to absorb.
    Why you cannot get above 25 could be any of the following.
    You do absorb BUT do you have any kind of intestinal issues?
    Do you weigh more than the average weight of 150lbs? If so and depending how much, you will need to take more Vitamin D.
    Did the doctor give you consecutive treatments meaning the Vitamin D was never stopped for any length of time? Once levels have increased to the “healthy” level of 50ng/ml that we recommend, then you absolutely must take a maintenance dosage or your levels will plummet again.
    Please keep in mind that bones also need the following besides just calcium: magnesium, vitamin K, zinc, boron, and silicon. Did the doctor recommend any supplemental calcium?
    I really think you just need to take more Vitamin D. Your body is going to need a lot more in the beginning to repair your bones and Vitamin D is also needed for all sorts of other body functions.
    So 60,000iu once a week is about equal to 8500iu a day. The “official” safe upper limit is 10,000iu a day but many of us take more than that. So it does not mean you will have to take a higher amount forever, just until you make an awful lot of repairs.
    So if you wouldn’t mind answering some of the questions first, then I could better answer how you should proceed.

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