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For the past few years, when spring begins to arrive, I generally don't feel well. Could this be due to my vitamin d levels dropping off after no sunshine for so long? I live in Southeast Alaska. I feel good in December when we are at the darkest part of our year. I take 5,000 to 10,000 iu of vitamin d a day, but I am gluten intolerant and think that I have absorption issues.

Asked by  Tuppence on March 5, 2018

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    First some questions.
    Are you taking the Vitamin D all year long? Do you take the Vitamin D and also get “sunshine” during the spring/summer? It would also help me to know since you say you take 5000-10,000iu a day, to give me some more details. For example does this mean you take 5000 every other day and the 10,000 the other days? Or do you mean you take 5000iu in the spring and summer and 10,000 in the fall and winter?
    The thing that most makes sense to me without more information is this. If you, for example, take the 5000iu and get sunshine and then switch to the 10K for the winter, you must be storing enough Vitamin D in the “summer” and then adding the 10,000iu gets you thru most of the winter (like you said) but is then “running out” about now.
    We do try to encourage testing to make sure you are absorbing enough but I am aware that not everyone has the insurance coverage or money to do this. For you though, it is important to see if because of the gluten issues, you are reaching and maintaining a healthy level of 50ng/ml. Is the gluten intolerance easier to manage during your feeling “well” times? Since you do feel better at times, I think you are absorbing.
    Since you said you feel well in December but not spring can I also assume that it is not just December that things are actually better for you somewhere in later spring or summer and goes thru to December?
    Vitamin D amounts also go by weight, so if you weigh a lot more than 150lbs, let me know.
    Answering the questions will give me more information and I can then better advise what to do!

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