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First of all – great website! I've been supplementing with 5,000 IU of Vitamin D per day for about a year now. I'm female, 53 years old and weigh about 116 pounds. Living in the north of the UK and working full time I don't sit out in the sun much and following your recommendations amongst others I thought 5,000/day would be ok. I also take a daily Vitamin K2, Mg 400mg and 2 Omega 3 tablets. I eat a high fat, low carb diet. I had my levels checked last week and you can imagine my surprise to find my blood 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 level was 233 nmol/L, (93 ng/ml). I understand that a given dose will not produce the same level in different individuals but wonder if my levels were so high because of my diet or in spite of? I'm off the D3 now by the way but have no signs of toxicity and feel great!

Asked by  alison36757000 on July 13, 2015

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    See title

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    Alison I am not a doctor or scientist, just a member of the VDC. So I can only speculate and it will take researchers a long time to answer some of the many questions we all have about Vitamin D.
    You said it yourself that “any given dose will not produce the same level in different individuals”. That is true. So although we tell everyone to aim for 50ng/ml, we do know the upper end of the range is 100ng/ml. We also know that you can reach higher blood levels than that and show no ill affects. You did say you do not sit out in the sun “much” but even a little bit could add to your levels.
    So there is no reason that you could not keep taking the 5000iu. You are within acceptable levels. You did say you have stopped taking it. Just realize the half life is about two weeks and your levels will decrease. It would probably have been better to just decrease the amount taken if you feel uncomfortable with that blood level. No I do not think your level has anything to do with your diet. What kind of magnesium do you take???

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    Thanks for your response. I stopped the supplements as I’ve just been to France for 3 weeks and was out and about in the sun every day (careful not to burn!). So I’ll restart at the end of month – perhaps reuce dose to 3,500-4,000/day and recheck levels later in year. I take Magnessium Malate 2 tabs so about 300mg/day + Magnessium Citrate 400mg before bed. I find that if I reduce my Mg then my menaopausal hot flashes come back with avengence (Mg definatley turns down the volume of my flashes). Mg has also eliminated my night leg cramps.

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