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Dr. Cannell, Our names are Kerry and Noel, we live in Franklin, CT. Our daughter Jocelyn, now 7 months, was taken by DCF two months ago is being placed for adoption after an X-ray discovered multiple rib fractures. Noel was induced at 34 weeks for SUA and severe IUGR, and Jocelyn was born at 3lb 1oz. she had a choking episode when she was 6 weeks old(june 10th) during which she became unconscious, extremely blue, and didn't take a voluntary breath for nearly two minutes. Kerry performed back-blows and CPR on her and actually revived her, she weighted 4lbs 9oz that morning. 9 minutes later an ambulance showed up and we took her to the ER where X-rays showed fluid(milk) in her lungs but no fractures. Fast-forward to Oct 9th; Jocelyn was in the ER to replace her NG tube and the X-ray taken to verify NGT placement showed healing posterior rib fractures, right where the back-blows were performed. All follow-up testing show no signs of further injury or abuse- MRI, CT, ophthalmology, full skeletal survey. Jocelyn was receiving breast milk during her 28 day NICU stay and 24k-cal fortified breast milk for the 10 days leading up to her choking episode. No vitamin D levels were drawn until October, however Noel was prescribed vitamin D and calcium supplements for her recently discovered deficiency. as of today no arrests have been made on either of us. Our questions are: 1- Can a vitamin D deficiency be diagnosed or suspected in Jocelyn if mom's vitamin d is deficient? 2- How would this affect the healing rate of her ribs? 3- Would you expect multiple fractures to follow the same healing pattern since they are unsplintable? thank you so much for you time and concern Kerry & Noel

Asked by  kerrywertheim97543700 on December 15, 2015

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    See title

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    I sent your question directly to the Council via their email address. Hopefully they will respond directly or try and answer here. I am so sorry you are going thru this!

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    Dr. Cannell asks that you please call him at 1- 805-439-1075. This is the main phone number of the VDC.

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