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Dr. Cannell once wrote in a blog “However, few people realize that DXA-scans will also detect osteomalacia, the adult form of rickets.” “The problem is that the doctor always assumes the abnormal calcium content is osteoporosis, rather than raising the question that it might indicate osteomalacia.” Studies cited showed on average 25 percent turn out to be osteomalacia. My question is if someone receives the diagnosis of osteoporosis is it acceptable to try and treat like it is adult rickets first? If after a reasonable amount of treatment time and if it was rickets would the DXA scan then show repair?

Asked by  IAW on November 14, 2014

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    Reasonable treatment would be a year of 10,000 IU/day together with a product like “Bone Restore with vitamin K2” from Life Extension Foundation. However, after the osteomalacia is cured, there will probably be underlying osteoporosis.

    Answered by  John Cannell, MD on

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