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Does Vitamin make you depended? Regulation of VDR Receptor. Hi, great to have this forum! I have several in depth-questions, that did not find aswers to. In the popular book "The End of Illness" the author states the following: "When your cells are deluged with vitamin D…they will pull back on their sensitivity to vitamin D by reducing their number of receptors for vitamin D. {…} What happens, then, when we consume lots of vitamin D from supplements? No doubt our bodies are adept at adjusting using their feedback loops as I just described, and the constant surplus of vitamin D means our cells are constantly down-regulating." This would practically mean we become depended on Vitamin D. I know the described mechanism is true for other hormones – is it the case with vitamin D? Can you point me to studies? Thank you! David

Asked by  David on October 14, 2014

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