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Doctor told me my vitamin D level of 11.7 is not that low? I been reading everywhere on the internet that anything below 30 is considered low. He told me it's not, but prescribed me 2000 Units of D3 daily. He would not even check my levels in the first place I got them checked at a private Lab. I think 2000IU D3 daily is not enough to get my levels up? all opinions are appreciated, Thankyou

Asked by  gamer007 on April 27, 2017

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    See title

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    Gamer the Q and A is not working correctly. Hopefully by weeks end I can respond better. Until then you need a minimum of 5000iu a day!

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    Gamer you were really smart to do some research on Vitamin D.
    Here at the VDC we promote having a minimum healthy level of 50ng/ml. Your level is very low and the doctor is wrong.
    It takes most people weighing 150lbs, 5000iu a day to reach the healthy goal. IF you weigh more than that, let me know.
    So hopefully you have already increased to the 5000iu. It takes about 8 weeks on any given amount to see what your level will end up being. We do encourage having a follow-up blood test to make sure you make it to 50ng/ml on the 5000iu if not, then you need to take more. If you presently have any medical issues, let me know.
    It is very important to read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/.

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