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Curious if you know how long it takes for a high VIt D level to drop when NOT exposed to sun. My practitioner tested my level in mid September, and although I had not been taking an excessive amount of Vit D (1-2000 at most through the summer if I didn't get sun and had just bumped up to 4000 since I in the sun much less) my levels came back at 96. I had spent some time in the sun–enough to get a nice tan this year. But was shocked to see a 96. My practitioner advised cutting my intake in half and have done that, but wondering if there are any parameters on how fast a level like that can drop when sun exposure stops? I want to make sure my level doesn't fall too far with cold and flu season coming around. Any thoughts? I'm currently taking just 2000 a day for at least a month or so now. Hate to spend for another test so soon but really curious about it coming down into a little more reasonable range. Have had no colds, flus, nothing and enjoying fairly good health. I weigh around 133-135. Thanks.

Asked by  anita@lakehomeopathy.com on October 30, 2014

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    The half-life of 25(OH)D is about two weeks:


    This means that if your 25(OH)D level was 96 ng/mL and you stopped going into the sun or taking supplements, two weeks later your 25(OH)D level would be expected to be around 48 ng/mL. Two weeks later, it would be half of that and so on. Of course continuing to take 2,000 IU/day will significantly decrease the rate at which your levels come down. I weigh 145-150 pounds and 4,000 IU/day gives me a 25(OH)D level of around 70 ng/mL, so it is a reasonable assumption that your 25(OH)D level would be even higher than mine on the same dose of vitamin D because you weigh less. Throw some additional sun exposure into the mix and it wouldn’t be inconceivable that you would reach a blood level of vitamin D in the 90’s.

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