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Can water be fortified by vitamin D And what will be the % DV or the permitted quantity per liter will exposure of the fortified bottles to sunlight destroys the vitamin Is it safe for all ages without toxicity from overdose thankyou

Asked by  ninstit on July 9, 2017

  •  ninstit on

    See title

    Answered by  ninstit on
  •  IAW on

    According to the internet D3 is slightly affected by sunlight, temperature, humidity, acidity and very affected by oxygen.
    So I don’t think it will work.

    Answered by  IAW on
  •  hlahore@gmail.com on

    I have not seen any references to Vitamin D being affected by water in under a month.
    I believe that a good way of getting Vitamin D is to put it into various drinkables – including water, milk, fruit juice, etc. Using a small amount of vitamin D as a mouthwash also looks promising – especially when you want to get the vitamin D into your blood stream quickly or if you have gut problems

    Answered by  hlahore@gmail.com on

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