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Can my vit.D blood test 25 hydroxy be wrong? My vitD is usually on the high side: 75 to 100. Recently I had a micronutrient test done by Spectracell lab. the only deficiency was VitD. , I told them their test was flawed because vitD happens to be my strongest since my breast cancer in 2010. They maintain their test is superiort to regular blood test and I'm probably not absorbing the vit. I suggested the blood not being fresh enough (2days to get there) but they said they checked it and it was fine. I had this test done 2 years ago and was impressed because they uncover an insulin and glutathione deficiencies but this time, I don't believe them. What do you think?

Asked by  mokazaki338012500 on December 27, 2016

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    I myself do not have a lot of knowledge in how labs work and what may go wrong when testing a sample. I do know that the VDC has test kits and now ships worldwide. These are blood spot tests. I did ask them once how accurate their tests are because someone on the Q and A asked. So for example if the actual reading is 35ng/ml then if the customer follows the directions for the test with precision, you get a 95% confidence level. That means you would get a level of between 33-37ng/ml. If customer is not so precise then 32-39ng/ml. So that gives you an idea for that “type” of test.
    Was your last Vitamin D test two years ago?
    Knowing your background with cancer, I would absolutely try and get another test done through someone else. Either by your doctor, the VDC test kit or if you live in the USA you can order tests over the internet (as long as you do not live in certain states), that use either Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics for the labs.
    If the test results still come back low, have you changed “brands” of Vitamin D used? Do you have any intestinal issues now, that you did not use to have, that would affect absorption? If the last test was two years ago, have you had any new health concerns start since then? Any health issues right before you did the test? For example you had pneumonia or were in a car accident etc.

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