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Author Jeff Bowles is making claims that 50,000-100,000iu d3 daily has remarkable benefits. His Amazon ebook "The Miraculous Results Of Extremely High Doses Of The Sunshine Hormone Vitamin D3" is a bestseller in health category. Any comments on these high dose reports?

Asked by  DoctorSunlight on November 10, 2014

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    So I do not know what kind of comments you are looking for? Can high doses of Vitamin D really have remarkable benefits? Absolutely! BUT……
    What I would like to say though, is that I really do not think that these high “daily doses of 50,000 – 100,000” are really necessary to have the same end results and will cause more issues over the long run than what they cure. The Vitamin D Council absolutely does not promote these high amounts on a daily basis. It takes a lot of “co-factors” to go with your Vitamin D in order for the Vitamin D to be productive. So I would think that lower amounts over a longer period of time would be the better way to go. Having said that, we do know that you can take 10,000 units of Vitamin D a day and not have any ill effects. Anything higher and you really should be under the care of a physician who can monitor you.

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  •  John Cannell, MD on

    I have read Jeff Bowles book and find it interesting. The last time such doses were used in the USA was in the 1930 when these dosages were used for arthritis and asthma. However, by the late 1930s the deaths began to be reported and vitamin D went back into the dark ages. That said, I think many people can tolerate 50,000 IU/day without getting hypercalcemic but some will get hypercalcemia on that dose. If you take 50,000 IU/day make sure you have a blood calcium measured at least every 3 months.

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