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Are there other sources of Vitamin D supplementation that derive their D other than Lanolin? have tested LOW in vitamin D several times. I keep upping my daily intake of Gel pills. I was taking 20 thousand units, 4 – 5 thousand iu pills a day just recently and testes LOW and my doctor says to double it. Well I have heard that before, taking 5 iu, double it. Taking 10 iu double it. It seams when I add more, my test comes with an increase level but after time, I will then test low and I religiously take my D and a couple of years back added vitamin K to assist in absorption. I get plenty of sun in the 3 seasons and tested low late summer after a LOT of good sun exposure. I am allergic to fish oil, so I get my D from pills which I understand all are sourcing their D from Lanolin? At least that's all I have been able to find out. DO YOU HAVE ANY RECOMMENDATIONS or information, are there any other sources of D supplementation than lanolin?

Asked by  Feruzfam92294200 on January 10, 2017

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    See title

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    I think you are taking D3 and not D2 but just checking.
    Are you saying that you are taking Vitamin D all the time or are you saying you take the Vitamin D, get your levels up and then stop taking it? You said “It seams when I add more, my test comes with an increase level but after time, I will then test low”. Is this even if you keep taking the same amount everyday non stop?
    Do you weigh over 150lbs, have ANY health issues or intestinal issues?

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    I take D3 EVERY DAY! plus get a lot of sun.Take K2 and Kefer and Cal/Mag.

    Full Gastric Bypass, but I absorb all my other vitamins and minerals fine.

    Somebody told me you can derive D from Lichen also.

    Does anyone know of D sourced from Lichen?

    I am allergic to fish oil.

    Answered by  Feruzfam92294200 on
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    I would assume you also know that Vitamin D is best taken with some fats for better absorption. I also know that gastric bypass can be a factor with absorption issues and Vitamin D.
    Vitashine is a vegan and vegetarian Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) nutritional supplement. “Our Vitamin D3 comes from a plant source called a lichen.” https://www.vegetology.com/products/vitashine-spray. Unfortunately it is a very low amount of D per spray and would take a lot to get to 5000iu or more.
    Nordic Naturals also makes one but it is a liquid.
    I think the bigger issue is not the type of D3 but that you are not absorbing it correctly. So if I keep in mind you are allergic to fish oil, then with someone like you, I would recommend an “oral spray” (which absorb very well) made out of lanolin. (I know oral sprays exist, I just do not know if they are made from lanolin or fish oil or both. I would have to do a little more research.) If you can use lanolin then some “drops” are made from it. I do not know but would assume that you may be able to rub it on the inside of your cheeks and get the same affect as a spray.
    As for the “and tested low late summer after a LOT of good sun exposure.” Depending on how “dark” your skin is depends on how much time you need to spend in the sun and how much clothing you have on, “large” amounts of skin need to be exposed and you need to be out in the sun at around “noontime”. Was all that accomplished?

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    I beliave so..
    Have you ever tried Gericare tabs? They are basically a generic vitamin D manufactured by Mckesson. I buy mines at JIT4You.com

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