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Are high doses of Vitamin D3 making us prone to hemorrhages? I have been taking high doses of vitamin D3 successfully to prevent cluster headaches. It's a regimen that consist of vitamin D3, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K, Boron, Vitamin C, Omega Fish Oil, Vitamin A. Since I started the regimen I have been pain free for 9 months. A month ago I underwent endoscopic surgery of sinuses to treat an extreme case of pansinusitis and deviated septum. As a preventive measure, before my surgery I raised my 25(OH)D levels quite high. I was near 200 ng/mL. After the surgery, I developed a sinus hemorrhage which doctors struggled to stop. I had two more surgeries to try to stop the bleeding, and they had to finally ligate the exterior carotid artery to stop the hemorrhage. I almost didn’t make it. I lost 2.5 lt. of blood and needed blood and palettes transfusion to save my life. I underwent numerous tests to find out the cause of the hemorrhage. A team of ENT, hematologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist and neurologist studied the possible causes of the hemorrhages and couldn’t find one. They did a complete blood profile, including clotting factors. They researched a possibility of an autoimmune disease that might be causing the bleeding, and they couldn’t find anything. The doctors are pointing at the Vitamin D3 and cofactors as the culprit of the uncontrollable bleeding; however, they are not really providing substantial evidence. They say that vitamin D3 and magnesium are vasodilators, and therefore they may cause or complicate an active hemorrhage. But I have not seen any evidence of this online. Additionally, Vitamin K helps as an agent for coagulation. The doctors are insisting that I should keep my levels at 80 ng/mL; nonetheless for me to be pain free when in cycle, I need to be at 120 ng/mL and sometimes even more. I really do not want to stop or decrease the amount of vitamin D3 that I am taking if I don’t have the evidence. On the other hand, I do not want to risk my life either in order to stop the CHs. Does anyone of you know if any element of Batch’s regimen of vitamin D3 make us prone to hemorrhages?

Asked by  Rick on April 14, 2017

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    First I had to look up “Batch’s Regiment” because I did not know what it was. I found it at Harry’s website which follows.
    As I was reading, there are some “narratives” that I read thru. In the last one I did find this interesting that one person said “Twice I started the calcium + magnesium supplementation but discontinued this after a couple of days because of an increasing number of attacks.” He also stated that “Vitamin D3 + Vitamin A + Omega 3 was fine and did not give him any symptoms and he was doing well.
    If you are following that protocol, I will assume that you are taking the amount of K that he suggests?? None of what “Batch” suggests is out of the ordinary or too much. On Harry’s website he suggests that “magnesium chloride” is better. (The least absorbable is Oxide.)
    I am not a doctor or scientist. I have never seen anything on this website to suggest that the higher your D level is the more prone you would be to hemorrhages. For example Vitamin D thins the blood (helping to prevent such things as strokes) but your blood does not keep getting thinner and thinner as your levels increase. The only thing I know of that can happen at higher levels is hypercalcemia.
    How do we know endoscopic doctor did not make a mistake or do something wrong? (I really do not know if that is possible and maybe I should not be suggesting it.)
    What is the average amount you do take a day for the 120 level?
    So I personally do not think it was the D or the magnesium.

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