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After being fobbed off months ago following spells of dizziness and fatigue I finally had blood testing for vitamin D and ferritin… (this was at the end of October 2018) my vitamin D level was severely low at 13 nmol/L I believe this is just a little over 5 ng? I am in the UK.. so very very low. My ferritin was 7. I’ve been feeling terrible… put on iron and prescribed 20,000 IU HUX D3 for two weeks (this was early November) and then a maintenance dose of a miserly 800 IU a day!! Come December I was still feeling dreadful… tired need more sleep than most body pain, numbness in back, pins and needles in my face… the list goes on…. so I order some 4000 IU vitamin D tabs online. Some days taking two…. a few weeks ago I feel like I’ve crashed further… visit the doctor who refused to get bloods redone but put me back on a high dose of HUX D3… 20,000 IU twice a week for ten weeks…. in between the loading doses I’ve still been taking the 4000 IU vit D bought online. The thing is… five weeks on I feel dreadful still. I’ve just had my bloods taken again – apparently my vit D is still low I will find the exact levels on Tuesday. I feel terrible still!! My bones my muscles my whole body hurts. Getting up in the morning and caring for my family is hard. I’m on the verge of leaving my job because I simply can’t function properly. My neck and shoulders are SO painful. I often have 11 hours in bed a night and still feel bad the next day and always tired. I’ve been taking supplements now for around 14 weeks… how much longer must I endure this! It’s really getting me down now. I can’t do the things I used to enjoy … my thighs hurt…I also injured my ribs back in May last year and they are still causing me a lot of pain….. the doctor seems to think xrays are unnecessary. I’ve suffered with terrible knee pain also for a few years now. I am also training to be a yoga teacher but physical excercise leaves me hurting and exhausted so it’s all on hold… it’s ruining my life! Please tell me there is light at the end of this dark tunnel!

Asked by  Beki78 on February 8, 2019

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    See title

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    Lets see if I understand. For 5 weeks you have been taking 20,000iu twice a week for a total of 40,000iu per week. Was that 4000iu “a day” so add another 28,000iu OR 4000iu on the other 5 days for a total of 20,000? So a grand total per week of 68,000iu or 60,000iu with averages per day of 9700iu or 8500iu?.
    I am not going to count the D you took back in November because at this point it does not count. Sorry! I believe you when you say the level is still low but it would really help to know the level at this point so when you find out what it is come back and let me know. Also at this point I can only count 5 weeks and not 14.
    Your level is in the Osteomalacia range(Adult Rickets). That “Numbness and Pins and Needles” is because at levels below 30ng/ml(75nmol/l) calcium cannot absorb properly from the intestines. It does NOT matter if your calcium level is in the normal range, you can still be deficient.
    The level you now have is important for me to know but would be better after 8 weeks of treatment. Having said this, do you take the Vitamin D with a snack or food that has some fat in it. Vitamin D needs “fat” to absorb correctly. Are you taking any magnesium and/or calcium supplements or a multi vitamin? Bones need magnesium, vitamin K, zinc, boron and silicon. Vitamin D is based on weight but I get the feeling you are of average weight of 150lbs? People weighing a lot more than that have to take more Vitamin D. Your bones are probably trying to correct themselves and this may be taking longer for you then most people but it has only been 5 weeks and not 8. I usually tell people they have to take 8000-10,000iu of D3 per day for 8 weeks, they should get retested at that time and if they do not feel better at the end of 8 weeks, then they should come back and tell me and let me know their new level.
    The reason I cannot count the 14 weeks is because you were not treated with enough Vitamin D for a long enough period of time. The 800iu will not keep a human healthy. Here at the VDC we believe in maintaining a “healthy” level of 50ng/ml(125nmol/l). At levels at and below 40ng/ml(100nmol/l), your risk for cancer and autoimmune diseases rises “dramatically”!
    You need to read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/.
    Yes, there should be a light at the end of the tunnel! 🙂

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