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A year ago I was told I had CLL by a Hematologist, I had none of the symptoms and told her I would not accept the DX until the pathology report came back. She was so sure she scheduled me a F/U appointment. 3 days later she called me with the results, negative. She was clearly shaken and said she talked to the Pathologist personally and he deemed my high WBC count reactive since I didn't have a spleen. I was taking at that time 50,000 units 2x a week of vitamin D. Fast forward a year I end up in ER in pain, again my WBC count elevated to 17,000. 10 days later I see my PCP who repeats my WBC and us now 12,000. The night before I took a 50,000 vitamin D. Skeptical maybe? I think, I think the vitamin D is keeping the CLL at bay.

Asked by  bossletlm on September 9, 2017

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    See title

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    https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/study-finds-vitamin-d-protective-against-chronic-lymphocytic-leukemia-but-not-lymphoma-cancers-on-the-whole/. “However, our data suggest that higher concentrations of 25(OH)D are associated with a reduced risk of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.” This was from 2013.
    You are correct.
    Now I have a question. At the time a year ago you were taking 50,000iu twice a week. How much if any Vitamin D have you been taking over the last year?
    Science now tells us it is better to take Vitamin D in smaller amounts and everyday. So instead of two 50’s you should take 15,000iu a day. Just in case, it should be D3 and NOT D2.

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