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A recent article in "FIRST for women" touts vitamin D as a weight loss enhanser. Does the effect work equally for men?

Asked by  hendersonp on January 16, 2015

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    Well if it is going to work, I would think it would be equally for men but hormones are different between the sexes.
    The operative word is enhancer! If the information came from a May 2014 study publication they gave Vitamin D along with diet and exercise and those taking the D lost more weight. They used 2000 iu in the study and we at the VDC recommend 5000 iu a day or a blood level 50 ng/ml or over.
    You will still have to have a good diet and exercise but hopefully the weight will come off faster.
    It also said that “Vitamin D replete women also experienced a significantly greater reduction in insulin levels, waist circumference and body fat.” Also “Among women whose adherence to the vitamin D regimen was high, there was an average decline in C-reactive protein of 1.18 milligrams per liter (mg/L).” C-reactive protein measures inflammation in the body. The less inflammation the better. All of the above factor into what they call “metabolic syndrome” which affects both men and women!
    Now go take some vitamin D and be well!!!

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