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Finnish University finds vitamin D supplements deficient

Posted on: October 25, 2012   by  Vitamin D Council


According to researchers at the University of Eastern Finland, many vitamin D supplements do not provide the advertised amount of vitamin D.

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira requires all supplements to be within 20% of the advertised content. The researchers analyzed 23 vitamin D supplements and found only eight were within 20% of their advertised content. Of the three vitamin D sprays tested, only one met Evira’s criteria.

Tarja Nurmi of the University of Eastern Finland’s Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition explained that supplements were previously analyzed before they were licensed to sell, “but the practice of other EU countries was adopted, where just a notification would suffice.”

”Initially I thought there might be one or two products that clearly diverged from the product description, but it was quite a surprise that nearly 50 percent of the products researched contained clearly less vitamin D than claimed on the packaging,” Nurmi explained to Yle.

Products purchased at pharmacies were not higher quality than those from supermarkets or health food stores. Price was not related to quality.

Today, Evira announced it will be investigating the claims, starting with the University’s research. A number of the manufacturers under scrutiny have pulled their brands from distribution retailers.


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