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Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

Find out more information on deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.

Will Hunter steps down from the Vitamin D Council

Members and followers of the Vitamin D Council,

Today I will be resigning from my position as Program Manager of the Vitamin D Council. I am going to take advantage of this period in my life when I don’t have a lot of major responsibilities (house, kids, etc.) and do some extended traveling.

In the year that I have been with Vitamin D Council, a substantial amount change has taken place, including the creation of our own in-home test kit, the release of a vitamin D podcast, and the addition of a Q&A Forum. It has been exciting to help enact and be a part of this change.

This job was my first foray into the public health sector. I initially did not know what to expect. I thought I was just going to be blogging about scientific research and making sure the website ran smoothly. And while these were part of my daily tasks, my position at the Vitamin D Council encompassed so much more.

An especially gratifying aspect of my work, and one I spent a significant amount of time doing, was responding to questions from concerned, curious, or skeptical members, followers, or individuals newly-acquainted with the Vitamin D Council. The appreciation and gratitude I received for providing advice on supplementation regimens, information on vitamin D, or counsel to those suffering from vitamin D deficiency gave me a unique sense of fulfillment. My words had the power to transform people’s lives for the better, and I will miss having the platform of the Vitamin D Council to extol the benefits of this unduly neglected “vitamin” (The active form of which is actually a hormone, but you already knew that).

To fill my shoes, we are bringing in Missy Sturges, a recent graduate of Cal Poly Polytechnic State University, right here in San Luis Obispo. She has a B.S. in Applied Nutrition and her senior project was a review on the effect of vitamin D on systemic lupus erythematosus activity.

Moving forward, I hope to see the Vitamin D Council continue on its path of reaching out and spreading awareness of the vitamin D deficiency pandemic that is in large part responsible for so many negative health outcomes and providing objective and comprehensive coverage of recent and relevant research so that the public can make informed, rational decisions about vitamin D and sun exposure. I leave here knowing this organization will be in good hands. The future looks bright!

Thanks to Dr. Cannell for giving me the opportunity to spread the Vitamin D Council’s message, and for his untiring leadership and devotion to the organization.

Thanks to my colleagues Amber and Jeff, for their strong work ethics, support, and lively personalities.

Thanks to our board, for their guidance, wisdom, and knowledge.

Thanks to our freelance writers Rebecca Oshiro, Tom Weishaar, and Cambria Glosz for their intelligent and inspiring writing.

Thanks to freelance web developer Kristian Ducharme for expanding our website to offer an in-home test-kit.

Thanks to Branden Welshons of Better Business Financial Services for making sure we always were within our budget and the bills were paid on time.

Thanks to Douglas and the people over at Minervation for making our vision a reality and creating the beautiful and informative website you see today.

And a special thanks to you guys, our members, donors, readers and followers. You are the backbone of the Vitamin D Council, and provide a necessary and invaluable force that keeps this organization moving forward. It is truly inspiring to see so many people with such a fierce passion for vitamin D.

I wish everyone the best on their own personal journey and hope that you will share the information and motivation you have received from the Vitamin D Council with others. We’re all in this together.

Best regards,

Will Hunter

  About: Will Hunter

Will is the Program Associate of the Vitamin D council and works on website administration, content production and editing, and fundraising. He is passionate about nutrition, exercise, and technology and how they relate to health and longevity.
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